Monday, April 18, 2011

no. 87

a parcel of awesome
via nancy of prettylittlethieves

i received this sweet package from nancy over a month ago, but am just now getting around to sharing it. she took the time to wrap my order so sweetly, i just had to take pictures before i undid it all. a large portion of nancy's shop features clever, original drawings of expressive girls--many of whom wear glasses and all of whom are adorable. 

she never fails to delight.

 talk about a fun package to unwrap! (more of her cute badges here)

 aren't they lovely? i promptly found homes for them on our walls.

 this is the hall right outside our bedroom door. the colors make it the perfect spot for "old stories". (pictured in the photo above nancy's print are my husband, one of our nieces and me. the only way i can explain "blue tape" is, the roll of painter's tape had been sitting in the hall and one night, after walking past it for the umpteenth time, the idea just struck me. of course, then i had to get it out of my system. my husband--bless his patient heart--just shakes his head.)

"in discord" hangs in our bedroom above my daughter's crib.

thank you , nancy ! i love everything !

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  1. i love seeing the work in your home! thanks for the super kind words:) such pretty wall colors!