Saturday, January 28, 2012

proof of life

i'm sick with some kind of sinus nonsense so not much has happened (ok, nothing) with regards to the shop, but i did manage to get out of the house with my family and enjoy some of this unseasonably warm weather before i got completely overtaken. that was nice. really nice.

i love turtle's new boots. (so does she.) they remind me a little of these j. crew boots i'd seen at the beginning of the fall season. (champagne tastes, beer budget and all that.) a couple months later, i spotted these on target's website but they were still full price and i couldn't justify getting her new shoes when one of my friends had just handed down several pairs that fit her perfectly. just so happens she outgrew them right at the same time target decided to put these boots on clearance for $5. sweet, sweet serendipity. i went ahead and sprung for the brown ones, too. 'cause i'm straight ballin'.


  1. I love these images. You have a really interesting eye~

  2. aw, shucks. thanks! i love you for taking a moment to say so. :D