Saturday, February 11, 2012

vanity fare:

skin musk perfume oil - parfums de coeur

"let the soft aroma of florals, sandalwood and musk embrace you."

can you believe i'm a little over thirty years old and my first time smelling skin musk was two weeks ago? well, it's the first time i set out to smell it, anyway. i do catch a vague whiff of familiarity when i first apply it leading me to believe somebody i encountered in the distant past wore this. or, more likely, a whole lot of somebodies. it's my understanding it was pretty popular back in the day. if you're thinking of visiting (or re-visiting) it, i highly recommend the oil over the spray because it's got more warmth and sweetness because the creamy sandalwood note is prominent; whereas, the spray smells powdery and light--not bad, but not nearly as good.

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