Monday, March 19, 2012

the smågodis photo scrapbook is ready for viewing!


when i closed up shop several months ago, i honestly wasn't sure if i'd ever re-open. a couple months into my hiatus, though, i realized i missed it and decided that when i brought budpnq back, i was going to do things a little differently and do them with a clearer focus than i ever had before. focus is something i've always struggled with. my mind is all over the place. i still liked the idea of doing one-of-a-kind necklaces, but i needed to reign it in and create parts of a whole instead of a whole lot of parts. and so, here is my first step in a new direction. the collection is small at the moment, but i have plans to expand it (and i'm already working on pieces for a fall collection.) i've put together this book to give people a better idea of what i'm about. i'd love to know what you think and if you feel the urge to share, by all means, let that urge overtake you!

click the above image to be taken to flickr's lightbox*, which is the best way to view the book. you can either have it play through on its own or use "next" button to flip through at your leisure. don't worry, it's not too long.

*i wasn't sure where else to host it given my design limitations. i do not have the programs (nor the know-how) necessary to create a document that issuu will support so i'm afraid this is about as far as my technical capabilities would take me.

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