Tuesday, May 29, 2012

peek sneakin':

i've had a lot going on that's caused me to be mostly absent from the blog this month, but before may got the chance to slip through my hands completely, i wanted to give a little peek at what i'm working on for the shop. my last batch of necklaces was inspired by swedish candy, and since i'm not ready to leave scandiland yet (nor am i likely to ever be...), i've been drawing inspiration from the danes' whimsical design sensibilities*. (and their licorice.) 

the bird whistle has nothing to do with anything, but turtle was playing in the bedroom where i was taking these pictures and seized her opportunity to swipe it from the dresser. (aside: whenever she does something she thinks she's not supposed to, she'll alert you to her maybe-crime with a bright, "hey, baby!") i let her have it for awhile, but the moment it became clear that the bird was in danger of becoming more than one piece, i rescued it and restored it to its perch.

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