Tuesday, July 24, 2012

vanity fare: sunshine & sparkles

cj scents sunshine

candace's business card states that she creates "simple, beautiful scents" and while i can think of a few more positive adjectives i could apply to her creations, i will agree that yes, simple and beautiful is exactly what they are. i've sampled around a couple dozen cj scents perfume oils over the past few weeks and i'm not only thoroughly impressed, but also mildly obsessed. so while i could yammer on about several, i pulled on my editing pants, hiked them up past my navel and paired the list down to one... sunshine. with notes listed as "citrus, musk and vanilla," sunshine comes out smelling like an iced lemon cookie being eaten by someone whose sun-warmed skin smells of soft, sweet incense & expensive soap. it's cozy, warm, snuggly, sweet happiness in a bottle.

simple and beautiful, for sure.

nicole by opi  for gold times sake

two coats layered between gelous and topped with poshe

canNOT do this polish justice. it's filled--i mean packed out--with multi-colored glitter in a buttery-smooth base of color shifting grey-green. when the sun hits it just right, the color flashes peachy-pink. be careful wearing this while driving. all those sparkles can be very distracting...

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