Tuesday, September 4, 2012

parks & rec

these photos are from a trip to a nearby park with my parents a couple of weekends ago. it's the first time i've taken my camera anywhere since we got back from the beach. i only just realized that. we've mostly been staying in because it's so ridiculously hot & muggy. i turn into the biggest grump during the summer. (which is why you haven't heard much on my end lately.) i'm just not built for this! (i know, waahh, waahh.) but seriously, those dying black-eyed susans look so beautiful to me. i'll be glad when the world outside busts out its winter coat.

i'm excited because taylor, my oldest niece, has agreed to model for me again and soon i'll be getting together with her to photograph the new collection. it's coming on the first day of (sweet, glorious) fall. can't wait.

i hope you had a great labor day. we stayed in most of the day, only venturing out into the rainy grey to see our new nephew which was all the sunshine i needed.

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