Saturday, December 22, 2012

our tree:

this year's is a good bit different from last year's. next year's may very well be different from this year's. i have a short attention span.

i suppose it might seem wasteful to do new decorations every year, but rest assured that everything on this tree was made from leftover bits and bobs from other projects. except for the topper. i bought those pipe cleaners for Turtle and i to craft with. i crafted; she adopted a pet "snake." (1 pipe cleaner + 1 toddler = endless fun, apparently.) the little pastel character ornaments are based on her drawings of people. i made one to represent each of us. the papercuts are my nod to tyra von zweigbergk & maja sten. i had some paper scraps to throw away but those happened instead. i'm glad. the glass totem-style ornaments came from the times Turtle wanted to play with beads. i played right along with her. the glass garland came about when all that playing with beads led to her mastering the art of bead-stringing. we took turns stringing each bead, but she lost interest about a quarter of the way in and i finished it in probably half the time it took for us to finish that first bit. patience is hard. for both of us.

the wrapping paper is all left over, too. sorry, family.

thank you for looking. i love seeing how people decorate for Christmas. if you happen upon this post and you've got pictures of your holiday decor to share, i would love for you to leave a link in the comments! i don't care if it's the middle of march. our tree will probably still be up anyway!

i hope you have a happy Christmas and a merry new year! and an altogether incredible winter season. be safe and smile lots. :)

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