Wednesday, January 9, 2013

lördagsgodis no. 1:

this is the first necklace i've made for the lördagsgodis series. i pretty much started making it right at midnight last saturday because i was so eager to get this project started. i will make every effort to hold on to this enthusiasm for the duration of the year. 

lördagsgodis (saturday's candies) is my weekly project for the year 2013. i'll make one new necklace every saturday this year and list it in the budpnq shop the following saturday. for those who may wonder, this series is inspired by the swedish tradition of treating kids to a trip to the candy store each saturday. i don't eat candy now (i know! i know!) but, man, i would have been so down with this weekly celebration when i was a kid.

"lördagsgodis no. 1" will be listed this coming saturday, the 12th, around midnight EST.


i do not think i've ever explained my somewhat recent preoccupation with all things scandinavian, especially swedish. i am not swedish. at least not entirely. my paternal grandmother was what i call, "norswegian." her mother was swedish; her father, norwegian. they met in new york sometime after coming over to america. (they later found out they had come to ellis island on the same boat.) i did not get to spend a lot of time with grandma as she and grandpa (bud) lived a 10-hour drive away, but when i did, there was always some element of her scandinavian heritage that influenced our time together. growing up, my mom occasionally made remarks about my tastes being "scandinavian" as she recalled the similarities between me and my grandma's mother (whom i had never met.) grandma passed away about 10 years ago and last Christmas, i was really missing her. i had so many questions that i knew i'd never get answers to. instead of dwelling on things i'd never know, i decided to honor her memory by learning what i could. i hope what i'm doing feels authentic. it comes from a desire to be close in spirit to something of which i can no longer be close in flesh.

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