Wednesday, March 20, 2013

smågodis collection 2013:

i'm not sure if this is an introduction to this year's smågodis collection or just another post in which i can brag about my oldest niece--not for being a stunning example of beauty, but for being selfless and sweet and more than willing to let me style her up and go traipsing all over the place as i snap away. i love that she likes to do this with me. i'd do it every weekend if i could. 

i think i should also take a little space to mention that this collection is now listed in the shop. it changed a bit from the preview i posted a few months ago. i decided to make it just like last year's, but with a different color palette (instead of adding in a couple of different styles.) the fact that this collection was inspired by cloudberries did not change. i hope you enjoy looking at it. it was fun to make and even more fun to photograph. (thank you again, tay!)

and of course, some real life:

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