Thursday, March 7, 2013

the kati and a turtle:

the orange from turtle's beige shades continues to please me.

preparing dinner between shots

that's how 'the kati' turned out. i love it. i love kati for giving me the (glorious) go ahead to just do my thing. i'm already very familiar with what she and alan create for their twamies shop and used their work to inspire me, but i peeked at her pinterest fashion board to make sure i was staying on the right track. i wrapped it up in the new packaging i'd been working on and it left my hands on monday. actually, it left my daughter's hands. she was so pleased to stand in line at the post office with the package carefully clutched in her tiny arms. she is kind of my budpnq sidekick now. i've gone back to photographing in her room. it gets the best afternoon light. i caught her using her toy camera to snap a picture of the latest lördagsgodis necklace the other day. it does not seem one bit unusual to her that i circle a necklace with my camera and snap away.

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