Saturday, July 20, 2013


i ordered this sweet milk box brooch from julia majer last week. i follow her tumblr and when she posted a preview of her latest batch of brooches, i honed in on this one. juli, sweetheart she is, set it aside for me and now it is mine. upon seeing the parcel, i knew opening its contents would be good fun so i gathered some patience and snapped photos of the unwrapping because anyone who takes this much time to wrap a parcel so cutely, should be afforded the proper credit. enjoy!


  1. ooh i love julia's brooches too. beautiful!
    thank you for the sweet tumblr comment! :)
    hope you're well!

    1. kelly! hey! i've had a post featuring your work sitting in my drafts for the longest. i keep looking for a frame to show off the lördagsgodis painting you made for me and i'm having no luck. i want to do it justice! right now, it's sitting, as is, on the mantle in my office and that just seems too humble for what it deserves. i owe you a message. big time. thanks for leaving a note. i'm so happy to see you posting again on tumblr. i was thisclose to hunting you down. :D