Thursday, January 12, 2012

candy strings

smågodis (swedish for 'candy') is the inspiration behind the necklaces i've been working on for spring. and, though not planned, it would seem the color palette i've chosen for them came directly from the print below. i guess months of looking at it everyday caused the colors to root into my subconscious and when it came time to purchase beads, they screamed, "pick me! pick me!" and so what choice did i have but to pick them?

i had to re-string this one because when i sat down with it again, i noticed i'd left one of the beads off. doh.

please notice the way my beads are laid out over my keyboard and illuminated by the gentle blue glow of my monitor. a clear sign it's time to clean off my desk.

since taking these pictures yesterday afternoon, i've gotten a total of three necklaces to the point of near completion and i have to say i'm completely smitten with them. i hope you will be, too. 

ps: don't forget to click on the images if you'd like to see them larger.

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