Thursday, January 19, 2012

smiling faces, helping(?) hands

if these necklaces don't sell, i know who to give them to. turtle tries to get her hands on them every chance she gets. unfortunately, she got her chance with the one above. all of those beads used to be strung, but i made the mistake of leaving the necklace untied while it awaited a finishing bead (below). i left it on my desk--presumably up and out of the way---but when her poppa came by and sat down to use my computer, he thought nothing of picking her up to sit with him. hearing the' knock-knock' of opportunity, she was quick to answer. 

poppa wasn't quite so quick.

these "smiles" i've made will finish off all of my necklaces from here on out. they make me happy. i just need to perfect the process.

also working on packaging. haven't got it all sussed out yet, but it'll get there. 

not this time, baby.

lesson learned. all supplies and finished pieces are safely out of her reach.


 i feel like i should make it clear that turtle knows these are beads and knows that beads don't go in mouths. i've drilled it into her brain from the time she started crawling. if she does get her hands on one, she turns and presents it to me saying, "no mouth--no mouth." so please don't worry about that. 
believe me, i do enough worrying for all of us.

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