Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hi there, mossman

way, way long ago, i fell in love with a monster. his keeper, a certain alan brown of medusawolf (and twamies) on etsy sent him to live with me. since his arrival, he's been hanging around in different rooms (and above turtle's crib), but i think i like him best here in my office where i can steal a glance every now and again. and by "now and again" i mean, "all the time." he's so dreamy.

alan, i am forever grateful.

the "hi there" card is something i found while cleaning out a drawer packed with all kinds of childhood memories, including a strawberry shortcake folder full of first grade artwork and my cheese cracker tin o'treasure. but more on that another time (like when the sun returns, and i can take proper pictures.)


  1. aw, this is so touching! i loooove the hi there card! i sent this to alan because i know he would be so moved by the post. :) -kati (co-twamie and also co-name-haver).

    1. i found that card and was like, "well, hi there to you, too!" i should take a picture of the inside... i'm so glad you stumbled upon this post, kati. mossman really does bring me happiness on a daily basis. :D