Friday, February 24, 2012

tiny discoveries

look at this wee kokeshi doll. cute, right? it's no bigger than my thumb nail so i can't help but marvel at the bobbing head and tiny brushstrokes that were carved and painted by someone's deft hands and nimble fingers. it was hidden inside another doll i've had for several years, but i only noticed the seam that tipped me off to her little secret a couple of nights ago. isn't that fun? speaking of nights, i do most of my work after turtle has gone to bed; therefore, most of the pictures i take for this blog are taken after dark. i'm trying to make peace with the yellow overhead lights. i'm not quite there. and speaking of cute asian dolls, had i not married one, i wonder how long it would've taken me to discover milk tea...

and speaking of discoveries, this week i happened upon...

...this most perfect of self-portraits by blanca helga

...these ovary-nudging sleepers made by karen barbe's mother

... business-related advice from elisabeth dunker of fine little day

...this right-up-my-alley-but-so-far-out-of-reach rag rug from liberty london

...and the personification of insouciant

(among plenty of other things, of course.) 

oh, and on my nails i'm wearing tru from zoya's spring collection.

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