Friday, March 23, 2012

till next year, friend winter...

i miss winter already. actually, i started missing it in january because i knew it was going to be over for us soon. don't get me wrong; i love spring. we just don't get much of one here. we only have about three precious weeks to enjoy the different blooming trees before being smothered with the hot, wet blanket known as "summer." last week, the pear trees were in bloom and this week, it was the cherry trees' turn. i wanted to get out to see them up close before all the flowers fell so we grabbed turtle and her soccer ball and went to the one place i knew we would find them. a parking lot. 

thankfully, it's the one next to our most frequented park.

the pig statue was petted. ducks were watched. an otter was spied. the ball was carried. cherry blossoms were sniffed. web-spinning spiders were avoided. runners were imitated. rocks were plucked from the ground. fists were bumped. a nice little outing was had.

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