Monday, March 26, 2012

vanity fare:

over the weekend, i gave a deconstructed manicure a whirl. i applied a base coat, followed by a nameless gold glitter from cosmetic arts. while it was still wet, i wiped away all but the edges and finished with two coats of confetti's pink paradise on the exposed nail bed and a clear topcoat all over. was hoping to end up looking like i had gold leaf edging my nails and i think i got close.

white musk libertine edp from the body shop is going to get a lot of wear this spring. turkish delight (my fragrance kryptonite) is one of the notes listed, but on me it smells of lipstick, face powder, sweet cream and berries--very feminine, which isn't usually my jam.

speaking of jam (and turkish delight), the samples i purchased from luckyscent arrived on friday (happy day!) and one of the ones i love most--ambre à sade by nez à nez--has a very prominent berry jam note. it's so... yummy. it's like they took berry jam, mixed it with super-sweet cream and then left it in the middle of a magical forest where it picked up the scent of the surrounding trees. i can't help thinking of the enchanted turkish delight the white witch gave edmund in the chronicles of narnia. and, like edmund, i'm hooked.

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